Areas of Practice


control and process documentation

It's not easy documenting your controls and processes, but it has to get done.  It improves compliance, makes it easier to transition after promotions or departures, and helps your team to identify redundancies and opportunities for improvement.



With experience in US and Canadian GAAP, as well as IFRS and even financial transformation, I bring my experience working as an auditor for several Wall Street clients (MetLife, Morgan Stanley, AIG) to bear on complex financial models, decisions and processes.  I've led due diligence and M&A projects in the US and overseas, and can help you with even the stickiest finance issues.

business process improvement

Business process improvement is often a buzzword for rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.  We can break processes down using first principles and critical thinking, and make them work BETTER.


business strategy implementation

You know your business, and you know your strategy.  What I do is take that strategy and move it into execution.  I take the people, process and systems you have and focus them on how to get things done.  Don't let your strategy wither away on paper, let me make sure it moves forward.



The truth is, nobody loves compliance.  But the other truth is everyone needs compliance.  If it's approached the right way, compliance lets your team stop worrying about the rules and start focusing on results.  I help identify points of compliance and make sure we design the processes and controls to ensure you stay compliant without having to FOCUS on compliance.


I have worked with teams and employees for years to ensure the best uses of tools, systems and productivity methods.  I can help your team go from 1+1 = 2 to 1+1 = 3 using methodologies like Getting Things Done and Lean Six Sigma, using some of the best productivity tools out there - OneNote, Evernote, Smartsheets, Slack, Trello, Todoist, and more.